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Here is a small sample of our Kitchen and Cookware range.


The Cookware department at Houseproud in Crieff is big in product! We currently have some fabulous items all fighting for space. Some products we have been selling for over 90 years, whilst others appear then disappear with trends. Hopefully this website gives you some idea of our range of products that we stock and that it will encourage you to visit our shop.

Our customers are similar to the products we sell - they all have different needs and requirements - working in the shop gives us the opportunity to speak to people on a daily basis. We love finding out what you think about our products, getting new ideas, and offering advice and tips.

Sometimes trying to find the right cooking tool for a simple task isn't as easy as it sounds. Pop in and ask - we'll be happy to help. We hope you are able to visit the shop the next time you are in Crieff and we look forward to seeing you.

We stock all your kitchen essentials and some great gadjets, gift ideas and good quality pots and pans .

  • T and G Woodwares
  • Bread Bins Bread and Chopping boards Bowls Utensils and Cruit Sets Trivits Place Mats and Coasters
  • Ceramic Storage Jars Teapots
  • Churchill
  • Stoneware and Porclain Mugs
  • Prestige
  • Pots and Pans Non Stick and Stainless Pan Sets
  • Baking Tins Gaghets and Kitchen Knives Electric Toasters and Kettles
  • Glasswares all types Mixing Bowls in Glass and Ceramics various Sizes
  • Electric Kitchen Gagets including Slow Cookers Microwave Grills Mixers Juicers and Blenders
  • Irons and Dust Busters
  • Food Storage Airtight Containers Thermos Flasks Aprons Oven Gloves
  • Clever Storage and Gagets from Joseph and Joseph